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In vitro Assays and analytics

for Precision Medicine

in Hematological Malignancies

Diag2Tec is

an expert company devoted to

hematological cancers,

especially to Multiple Myeloma.

Diag2Tec’s Areas of Expertise

Diag2Tec is an expert company devoted to hematological cancers, especially to Multiple Myeloma (MM).

Diag2Tec offers to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies the in vitro assessment of drug efficiency, characterization of mechanism of action and identification of predictive biomarkers of drug response.

Diag2Tec offers to oncologists, to improve diagnosis and treatment strategies to develop precision medicine in hematological malignancies.

Laboratory expertize :  Laboratory expertize : Laboratory 

  • Strong collaborations with R&D laboratory and interactions with clinical trials in hematological malignancies
  • Develop innovation services dedicated to hematological malignancies
  • Close to clinical needs

A unique collection of 40 human MM Cell lines perfectly characterized :

  • Understanding mechanism of action of the molecules
  • Identify biomarkers associated to drug response
  • Identify best combination of treatments

An original and expert services proposed : An original

  • An unique proprietary model of normal plasma cell differentiation
  • “Chemogram” to help clinician oncologists in their medical protocol decision

An innovative bio-computational expertise : An innovative

  • Signatures to predict drug response patented (Biomarkers & Companion Tools)
  • Capacity to analyze and integrate biological or medical datasets into logical and reliable « data informations » that support your development decisions.

Diag2Tec’s Services

With our well-characterized cellular model, Diag2Tec offers three types of services:

  1. Assessment of drug efficiency and characterization of mechanism of action

  2. Identification of a personalized therapeutic treatment for each patient “Chemoresponse assays”

  3. Development of biomarkers and companion diagnostics to deliver precision medicine


Diag2Tec offers a multi-species web-based data-mining platform aimed at facilitating discovery from genomic and clinical data :


Diag2Tec Services Makes Your Development Easier

Diag2Tec work as a single united team and give our clients the highest quality advice and services possible.

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