Diag2Tec is an expert company devoted to hematological cancers, especially to Multiple Myeloma (MM).
Main goals are to define biomarkers and generate assays to develop precision medicine approach for patients affected by these cancers.

Evaluation of drug efficiency and characterization of mechanism of action :

Diag2tec provides to pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology company a wide range of customized services to test new therapeutical drugs in our unique Multiple Myeloma cell models and in other hematological cancers.

Development of a «Chemogram»:


We have develop miniaturizing and automatizing assays to test the sensitivity/resistance of MM cells from each patients to 5 to 10 drugs.

Identification of biomarkers to predict sensitivity or resistance of cancers cells to different molecule:

Identification of biomarkers and companion diagnostics development for tailored treatments in hematological malignancies using our cellular models and bioinformatics tools.

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Why Choose Us

  • A unique collection of 40 human MM cell lines, perfectly characterized
  • Constitution of a collection of human Lymphoma cell lines
  • Signatures to predict drug response patented (innovative biomathematical approach)
  • Strong collaborations with R&D laboratory and interactions with clinical trials in hematological malignancies
  • Original and expert services proposed
  • Capacity to analyze and integrate biological or medical datasets into logical and reliable « data informations »