You can download the publications of the team here:

2019Comprehensive characterization of the mutational landscape in multiple myeloma cell lines reveals potential drivers and pathways associated with tumor progression and drug resistance
2018BrdU incorporation in multiparameter flow cytometry : A new cell cycle assessment approach in multiple myeloma
2018PRC2 targeting is a therapeutic strategy for EZ score defined high-risk multiple myeloma patients and overcome resistance to IMiDs
2018DNMTi/HDACi combined epigenetic targeted treatment induces reprogramming of myeloma cells in the direction of normal plasma cells
2017Combined inhibition of two bad prognosis genes: Chk1 and Wee1 as a new therapeutic strategy for Multiple Myeloma [Abstract]
2017Combined inhibition of two bad prognosis genes: Chk1 and Wee1 as a new therapeutic strategy for Multiple Myeloma [Poster]
2017CD24, CD27, CD36 and CD302 gene expression for outcome prediction in patients with multiple myeloma
2017An epigenetic regulator-related score (EpiScore) predicts survival in patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma and identifies patients who may benefit from epigenetic therapy
2017Global miRNA expression analysis identifies novel key regulators of plasma cell differentiation and malignant plasma cell
2017RECQ1 helicase is involved in replication stress survival and drug resistance in multiple myeloma
2017Automated and Simplified Identification of Normal and Abnormal Plasma Cells in Multiple Myeloma by Flow Cytometry
2017Hypoxia favors the generation of human plasma cells
2016Differential effects of lenalidomide during plasma cell differentiation
2016Identifying high-risk adult AML patients: epigenetic and genetic risk factors and their implications for therapy
2016Chetomin, targeting HIF-1a/p300 complex, exhibits antitumour activity in multiple myeloma
2015GenomicScape : AnEasy-to-Use Web Tool for Gene Expression Data Analysis. Application to Investigate the Molecular Events in the Differentiation of B Cells into Plasma Cells
2014DNA repair in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a molecular portrait
2013Nucleotide excision DNA repair pathway as a therapeutic target in patients with high-risk diffuse large B cell lymphoma
2013Gene expression-based prediction of myeloma cell sensitivity to histone deacetylase inhibitors
2012Gene expression-based risk score in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
2012Development of gene expression-based risk score in cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukemia patients
2012Development of gene expression based score to predict sensitivity of multiple myeloma cells to DNA methylation
2011Characterization of a Transitional Preplasmablast Population in the Process of Human B Cell to Plasma Cell Differentiation
2011A high-risk signature for patients with multiple myeloma established from the molecular classification of human myeloma cell lines
2009An in vitro model of differentiation of memory B cells into plasma blasts and plasma cells including detailed phenotypic and molecular characterization

The Patents of the Team:

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