In vitro Drug Testing in Unique Human Multiple Myeloma, Lymphoma, Leukemia cell lines

in vitro cytotoxicity studies in cell lines

To investigate the hematological cancer cell lines response to various anti-cancer drugs including targeted, chemotherapies and immunotherapies alone or in combination, we propose you to measure the cell growth inhibition. We use a Cell Titer Glo Luminescent Assay to quantify this cell growth inhibition and we determine the median inhibitory concentration (IC50) of each cell lines using GraphPad Prism.
We can also use the different inhibitors IC50 already evaluated in our panel of cell lines and compare to your specific inhibitor.

Our cell lines have been thoroughly characterized using microarrays, RNA-seq, Exome-seq, SNP analysis, DNA methylation analysis, miRNA and Chip-seq. In addition, immunophenotypic and cytogenetic characterization of all HMCLs have been carried out. In addition, we offer you the possibility to investigate drug resistance and associated mechanisms of action.

  • Our Panel of 40 Human Myeloma Cell lines fully characterized
  • Our Resistant Myeloma cell lines (acquired resistance) to IMID, Melphalan, Velcade,HDACi
  • Our collection of 20 Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Cell lines
  • Our collection of 10 Acute Leukemia Cell Lines
  • Our collection of 10 mantle cell lymphoma cell lines
  • Automated pipetting system
  • IC50 determination
  • Characterization of apoptosis
  • Characterization of cell cycle
  • Characterization of DNA damage
  • Synergistic drug combinations
  • A Final Report
  • Graph Pad files
  • Raw data (csv, fcs…)

In Vitro Drug Testing in Human Primary cells from Multiple Myeloma, Lymphoma, Leukemia samples

In vitro cytotoxicity studies in primary cells

We use our collection of primary cells from patients with various hematological malignancies to investigate the effect of a given drug. According your needs, we can select samples from patients at diagnosis or relapse.

In our assays, primary cells are cocultured with their bone marrow microenvironment and with increasing doses of the therapeutic agent investigated for 4 days. We analyze the toxicity of tumor cells and normal bone marrow cells by flow cytometry.

With our methodology, we can also investigate the effect of the drug on cell cycle progression using BrdU incorporation and DAPI staining by flow cytometry.

Other cytogenetics abnormalities could be analyzed and provided following your requests.

We have access to genomic profile of tumoral cells and clinical response of patients.

  • A collection of wide variety of primary samples from patients with hematological malignancies.
  • Clinical data associated
  • DNA, RNA, serum associated
  • Genomic data of tumoral cells
  • Effect of tumoral and normal cells to 5 concentrations of a given drug
  • Dose response curves
  • Investigation of the best drug combinations.
  • A Final Report
  • Raw data