The Diag2Tec’s mission is to improve efficiency of treatments in hematological cancers.

How Can We Work Together ?



A large amount of biotech companies develops new targeted treatments for various cancers. Diag2Tec’s offers you studies of cytotoxicity of your pre-clinical drugs in hematological cell lines and primary cells from patients with different hematological cancers.

With our big data and computational expertise associated, we also offer you services of identification of biomarkers to predict sensitivity or resistance of your hematological cancer of interest to the different drugs investigated. Moreover, if you search new therapeutic targets associated with high-risk disease or a specific subgroup of bad prognosis (for treatment by monoclonal antibodies or for targeted treatment), our biocomputational services can help you.


The Pharmaceutical Industry

Diag2Tec offers you services to improve the efficiency of your therapeutic agent. In MM, Diag2Tec has access to a large collection of cell lines representative of the heterogeneity of the disease (6/7 subgroups published) and we use also cell lines with an acquired resistance to conventional treatments after several months of culture (Melphalan, Bortezomib, IMID, HDACi). We complete our range of services with assays in primary myeloma cells and with the identification of predictive biomarkers of the cancer cells response to a specific treatment given.


CRO : Contract Research Organization

CRO provides a range of services from preclinical to clinical studies. With our expertise in flow cytometry process, data analysis and in the identification of cancer cells resistance mechanisms.



With our large range of services, Diag2Tec offers you the first assays of in vitro investigation of your drug in various models of hematological malignancies. We can also help you with our specific tools and expertise in bioinformatics.


Since the Diag2Tec’s creation, several partners have supported and accompanied us: