You can download the Diag2Tec’s publications here:

Year Title PDF
2023 Combined inhibition of Wee1 and Chk1 as a therapeutic strategy in multiple myeloma
2023 EZH2 targeting induces CD38 upregulation and response to anti-CD38 immunotherapies in multiple myeloma
2022 The BLM helicase is a new therapeutic target in multiple myeloma involved in replication stress survival and drug resistance
2022 Comprehensive Characterization of the Epigenetic Landscape in Multiple Myeloma
2021 RNA-Sequencing-Based Transcriptomic Score with Prognostic and Theranostic Values in Multiple Myeloma

You can download the Diag2Tec’s posters here :

Year Conference Title PDF
2023 ASH Characterization of a new metabolic score correlated with the CD38 cell-surface expression and response to daratumumab treatment in multiple myeloma
2023 ASH Integrative multiomics analysis of tumor-immune microenvironment in multiple myeloma: Novel insights and therapeutic implications
2022 ASH EZH2 targeting induces CD38 upregulation and response to anti-CD38 antibodies in multiple myeloma
2022 AFC Cell-surface CD38 expression in response to EZH2i as therapeutic strategy for anti-CD38 antibodies treatment in multiple myeloma
2022 EHA Metabolomic characterization of human multiple myeloma cell lines to study tumor resistance to different classes of therapeutic agents
2022 EHA Characterization of multiple myeloma cell lines with acquired-resistance to proteasome inhibitors highlights a link between resistance and metabolic deregulation