History of project and Core Business

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Diag2Tec was founded in June 2015, by 5 associates (Jérôme Moreaux, Jean-Luc Veyrune, Alboukadel Kassambara, Angélique Bruyer and Pierre Vidal).

Diag2tec relies a strong scientific expertise of the hospital laboratory of the monitoring Innovative Therapies (Montpellier University Hospital) and of the Academic Research team (CNRS UPR1142- ex INSERM U1040).

  • The hospital laboratory is in charge of phenotypic and molecular diagnosis and residual disease monitoring of MM patients and this diagnostic activity is associated with the Biological Resources Center and the Department for Clinical Hematology (Pr Guillaume Cartron) of the Montpellier University Hospital).
  • The research team has joined the group of Philippe Pasero at the Institute of Human Genetics in January 2015 and is involved in the studie of MM physiopathology since 20 years. The team is collaborating with the German Myeloma group (Pr Goldschmidt’s team, Heidelberg) since 2003 and has accumulated gene expression profiling of tumor cells of 300 patients at diagnosis, with a careful patients’ follow-up, in particular response rate, event free survival and overall survival.
  • Jérôme Moreaux is the successor of Bernard Klein to lead the hospital and research activity of the group with the biological and technical resources accumulated over two decades of research about Multiple Myeloma.

The strength of Diag2Tec lies in the complementary skills of each founders and member of Scientific Advisor Board and in the long and recognized experience of the scientific team in MM research, diagnosis and biological follow-up of patients.

Diag2tec Core Business

Diag2Tec is an expert company devoted to hematological cancers, especially to Multiple Myeloma (MM):

At present there is an active pipeline of promising new drugs for relapsing or treatment resistant MM patients. In order to successfully clinical trials, it is necessary to take account the molecular heterogeneity and subclonality evolution of the MM disease.

  • Diag2Tec offers to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in vitro evaluation of drug efficiency and characterization of mechanism of action in our proprietary cell models covering the molecular and functional heterogeneity of the disease.
  • Supported by our solid expertise into hematological malignancies and our innovative and patented biomathematics approaches, Diag2Tec offers a service of identification of new biomarkers associated to a specific treatment in hematological cancer. These predictive biomarkers allow to stratify patients in clinical phases and to develop companion diagnostic tools for pharmaceutical company molecules in the different treatment phases.

At this time in multiple myeloma, there are no therapeutic orientation tests to help clinicians choose the treatment when a patient relapses.

  • One of the goals of Diag2tec is to cover this need and help clinicians choose the right treatment when there are a lot of options in terms of therapeutic molecules for this cancer. It is also important to help them take the molecular heterogeneity of the disease into account.
  • That is why Diag2tec offers the development of a chemical profile « chemogram» in order to enable a personalized approach to patient treatment according to the disease heterogeneity and to improve therapeutic efficiency with reduction of the toxicity.